Premium Blend

The art of blending coffees is no easy task to master. One must learn how to bring out the best qualities of each bean, ensuring the different characteristics of each bean, each year, from each region compliments one another. As each location, & each year yields different tastes. This requires years of training, & immense attention to detail. 

The founder and the Chairman of the Sapporo Coffee Kan, Ito Eiichi, is known to be the “King of Blender” in the coffee industry in Japan. With his leadership, many of his staff have qualified for certificates from AJCR and JCQA. Mastering the techniques of blending each batch, with a true dedication to perfection. Their signature blends have become cult favorites. Which is the reason Sapporo Coffee Kan has grown to have 10 shops in the Hokkaido area. While becoming an iconic spot to visit for international tourists & travelers.