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One of the World's Rarest Coffee from Japan

Charcoal Sumiyaki Roasted Craftsman Coffee, not available anywhere else.

Responsibly Sourced
Fairly Traded Coffee
Gluten Free


Sumiyaki Coffee has been a hidden treasure that has been nestled in the heart of Japan since 1933. For coffee enthusiasts & lovers of Japan alike, Sumiyaki coffee is an experience to be had. Sumiyaki, which means charcoal roasted in English, is a unique Japanese method they use to roast their premium coffee beans.

Similar to Japan’s famous hibachi grill method. They both use Binchotan charcoal. It burns for long hours while being very clean & food grade safe. The high steady heat combined with alkalized ashes helps enhances the taste & aroma of the coffee beans. Resulting in the unique flavor profile of Japanese Sumiyaki coffee.

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Sumiyaki coffee’s super-rich aroma instantly calls forth one’s desire to try the warm beverage.  The aroma itself features robust & savory scents. As for the taste, each sip gifts a unique coffee experience. The charcoal roasting gives the coffee a full-bodied flavor, with a smooth yet smoky after taste.

For the first time ever, this premium coffee will be available for those who are unable to visit Japan. This hidden treasure will be sure to delight those who seek to try the most unique coffees in the world. Gift yourself a unique experience today.

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What is So Special About Charcoal Roasting?

Japanese Charcoal Roasting

Premium Roasting Technique Evolved Only in Japan.

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