[ EMBED ] Coffee Product Detail - Single-Serve

Taste Profile:

    • Coffee 1Indonesia - Arabica Typica - Mandheling Berkat Lintong - Single Origin Premium Coffee
      Instead of the deep flavors found in the usual Mandheling coffees, this coffee has a more crisp taste and cleaner mouthfeel but at the same time retains a rich aroma and has a pleasant bittersweet taste that spread slowly inside the mouth and lingers on the back of the palate.
      [Unique aroma, Full-bodied, sweet and mellow taste]

    • Coffee 2Brazil - Arabica Catuai - Cerrado Shimada Plantation - Single Origin Premium Coffee
      This is a coffee that boasts an extraordinary level of balance between acidity and bitterness. It has nostalgic flavors that belong to Brazilian coffees and has a smooth, buttery mouthfeel that can be enjoyed for a long time. Please enjoy this very special Brazilian coffee that has been grown and cultivated by descendants from Hokkaido!
      [Free from strong or distinct flavors, Well Balanced, Easy to drink]

    • Coffee 3Colombia - Arabica Caturra - Pital-Mountain - Single Origin Premium Coffee
      As this coffee is made in a way to meet the exceptionally high standards set by the FNC (Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers), the quality and the maturity of the coffee beans are much higher than the other Colombian coffees. As a result, the resulting cup is characterized by citrus notes, a delicate fruitiness, and a subtle sweetness.
      [Citrus fruit notes and a subtle sweetness]

    • Coffee 4Indonesia - Arabica Catuai - Bali, Mt. Batur - Single Origin Premium Coffee
      This coffee is full-bodied and has a subtle bitterness that is complemented by a fruity aftertaste.
      [Rich taste, subtle bitterness with a fruity aftertaste] 

    • Coffee 5Decaffeinated - Premium Blend Coffee (Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia)
      Conventionally made decaffeinated coffees do not taste the same as the ones that have caffeine because the components within the coffee beans that make the coffee taste delicious are lost during the decaffeination process of the coffee. However, Sapporo Coffee-Kan’s original Caffeine-off blend has been made using a new method that has been developed in Germany, called the “Liquid Dicarboxylic acid Extraction Method". In this method, a combination of low pressure and temperature is applied over a prolonged period of time in order to remove 93%~98% of caffeinating components from the coffee beans, while preserving the flavor, taste, and aromatic components of the coffee beans.