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Welcome to one of our favorite sections - a section dedicated to delicious, mouth-watering, and thrilling recipes featuring, cue the drumrolls, Japanese coffee! We strive to bring you coffee-infused recipes from diverse cultures and places, even venturing into savory dishes crafted with coffee. Yet, our true passion unfolds when we deep dive into Japanese or Japan-inspired coffee recipes. From beverages to baked treats, desserts (think Japanese Coffee Jelly!), and entire meals – we've got it all. Prepare to be introduced to unexpected Japanese coffee specialties such as Anko Coffee, crafting your own coffee Shochu from scratch, Coffee Okonomiyaki, and Coffee dumplings. YUM!

Just a friendly heads-up - it might be better not to wander into this section on an empty stomach!

6 Unexpected Ingredients You Can Add to Your Coffee

Discover surprising additions to elevate your coffee game! From zesty spices to decadent twists, unlock a whole new world. Read more at:

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5 delicious Japanese food recipes you can make with coffee

A few days ago, I wrote about Japanese foods that pair well with coffee. Then an idea came to my mind, what if we go one step further and put...

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12 Unique Japanese Coffee Arrangement Recipes

I love the autumn season. And I believe many of my coffee-loving friends love this season too. What better time of the year to sip on a delicious cup of...

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10 Trendy Coffee Cocktail Recipes You will Love

Sure, a shot of espresso before your 7 a.m. meeting is great, and many of us cannot get through an 8-hour shift without multiple cups of coffee to keep us...

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How to Make Japanese Coffee Jelly

How to Make Japanese Coffee Jelly – a classic bittersweet delicacy that you can make using your favorite coffeeOne of the things many people dearly miss about Japan when living...

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How to Make Coffee Shochu (コーヒー焼酎)

How to Make Coffee Shochu (コーヒー焼酎): A unique coffee-infused Japanese spirit beverage that you can easily make at home The title of this article might have made you wonder, "Coffee...

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