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5 delicious Japanese food recipes you can make with coffee

A few days ago, I wrote about Japanese foods that pair well with coffee. Then an idea came to my mind, what if we go one step further and put the coffee into our food? Could there be food recipes where we can use our favorite premium coffee as the main ingredient? So, after a bit of research and experimenting with coffee in my own kitchen, I have come up with a great list of food recipes you can make using coffee. I will not waste any more time sharing them with my coffee-loving friends as they are all addictively good!

Coffee-flavored Dorayaki(どら焼き)with raisin and butter

Dorayaki is one of the most famous Japanese traditional sweets. It has existed since 1914(!) and is commonly featured in Japanese pop culture even today, and you will know what I am talking about if you have watched Doraemon. The easiest way to describe a Dorayaki would be as a round, sweet, fluffy sandwich where sweet Japanese red bean paste (Anko) is sandwiched between two golden brown pancake-like patties.

In this recipe, we will add coffee to the Dorayaki batter, making a Dorayaki where you can taste and smell the delicious coffee flavor in every bite. The maple syrup adds depth to the sweetness, whereas the sweet and tangy raisins pleasantly balance the sweetness of the anko paste. The butter in the middle adds an extra creaminess and binds all the flavors together harmoniously. My mouth is already watering!



  • Flour 100g
  • Baking powder 1 Tsp
  • Maple Syrup 1 Tbsp
  • Egg 1
  • Strongly brewed coffee 50ml
  • Japanese red bean paste 75g
  • Raisins
  • Butter 5 small cubes or slices


  1. Sift the flour and baking powder through a baking sieve.
  2. Put the coffee, egg, and maple syrup in a bowl and whisk well.
  3. Heat a frying pan and place the batter gently to make circular Dorayaki pancakes of about 8cm in diameter. Put the lid on for 3 minutes for each piece, then flip it and bake for another minute. This will give you ten pancakes in total.
  4. Once the pancakes are cooled down, sandwich the raisin, butter, and Japanese red bean paste(anko) between two pancakes to make 5 Dorayaki in total.

Bonus Tips

  • If you want the Dorayaki to be held together without falling apart, wrap each Dorayaki tightly using a kitchen wrap and place it in the fridge for a while.
  • To prevent the pancakes from drying out, you can place a moist kitchen towel on top of the pancakes when storing them.
  • An excellent drink to enjoy with this Coffee-flavored Dorayaki is Japanese red bean paste coffee, and you can know all about this drink here.

Coffee Kakigori(かき氷)– A fancy Japanese Shaved Ice dessert with coffee

Kakigori means shaved ice, but to describe this quintessential Japanese summer treat as mere shaved ice will be a criminal understatement. This version of Kakigori is a coffee lover's spin on the traditional Kakigori, using coffee, coffee creamer, and ice cream. The finely shaved ice melts in your mouth like fresh snow while at the same time teasing your taste buds with the pleasant bitterness of coffee and the delicious sweetness of cream and syrup.

Coffee Kakigori


  • Iced coffee 500ml (Can be ready-made ice coffee/ coffee that has been chilled in the fridge after brewing/ cold-brew coffee)
  • Sugar 1 Tbsp
  • Agar powder 1g
  • Sugar syrup 30ml
  • Liquid coffee creamer 15ml
  • Vanilla Ice cream 100g (Scooped out nicely in a round shape)
  • Topping (According to your preference, such as mint leaves, wafer stick, chocolate powder, coffee jelly cubes, etc.)


  1. Take a pan and bring 100ml water to a boil. Add sugar and agar powder, mixing well until everything is dissolved completely.
  2. Add 100ml iced coffee to the pan. Pour into a mold and cool in the refrigerator until the agar settles to create a coffee jelly. When the coffee jelly has been set, you can cut it into small bite-sized pieces to your liking —more on coffee jelly here.
  3. Now it's time to make the Kakigori. Place the remaining iced coffee in a tray and leave it in the freezer until it is completely frozen.
  4. Use an ice-shaving machine to shave the frozen iced coffee into a round bowl.
  5. Place several coffee jelly cubes that we have prepared and a scoop of vanilla ice cream at the top, then drizzle liquid coffee creamer and sugar syrup.
  6. Decorate the top with your favorite toppings.

Ogura Iced Latte(小倉アイスラッテ) – A Japanese Coffee dessert with red bean paste

The name of this dessert might sound like a drink, but it is more of a drinkable dessert than a plain coffee drink. It is filling, wholesome, sweet, and will have you running back to the Asian grocery store to bulk buy Japanese red bean paste (Ogura-an).

In Japan, there are several different sweet red bean paste variations, and Ogura is one of them. What makes it so unique is that it contains a larger bean size variation of Japanese red beans. As you can imagine, this adds a more satisfying 'bite' to the red bean paste. However, if you do not find the Ogura variation of red bean paste, do not worry; you can make this drink with any red bean paste, and it is guaranteed to taste phenomenal.

Ogura Iced Latte


  • Iced Coffee 60ml (Can be ready-made ice coffee/ coffee that has been chilled in the fridge after brewing/ cold-brew coffee)
  • Japanese sweet red bean paste (Preferably Ogura type)
  • Milk 100ml
  • Ice cubes (to your liking)


  1. Add the Ogura and the milk to a glass and mix well.
  2. Gently place some ice cubes into the glass.
  3. Slowly pour iced black coffee from the top.

Coffee French Toast – A breakfast that can never go wrong

French toast is a beloved breakfast in Japanese households and cafes. The unique thing about Japanese French toast is that it is made using soft sandwich bread, using readily available ingredients. It's fluffy, custardy, and is the ultimate comfort breakfast food. We add coffee to the recipe to elevate the Japanese French toast to a gorgeous brunch item with a secret twist!

French toast


  • Two-three slices of white bread. (Whole slices or cut into the desired size)
  • Milk 200ml
  • 1 Egg
  • Sugar 2 Tbsp
  • Instant coffee 1Tbsp
  • Butter 1-2 Tbsp


  1. Whisk together the milk, coffee, sugar, and egg.
  2. Soak the bread slices in the mixture.
  3. Heat a frying pan and melt the butter. Then brown and toast the soaked bread slices in the butter.


  • If you are using brewed coffee instead of instant coffee powder, it is best to use something with a high coffee to water ratio, so the mixture does not become too watery, e.g., Espresso shot/ Italian Stovetop coffee
  • There are many ways you can uplift this simple recipe into a gorgeous breakfast worthy of being served to your most important guests. Some of the toppings that go incredibly well with this French toast:
  • Chocolate sauce or powder
  • Icing sugar
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Maple syrup
  • Fresh fruits such as blueberries, banana, strawberries.
  • A scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • Fresh or whipped cream

Mocha flavored Karinto (かりんとう) – Mocharintou!

Karintou is a traditional Japanese sweet treat. It is so popular that there are Japanese artisan Karinto makers with a history of generations who have dedicated themselves to mastering making Karinto. It can be stored for a long time if kept in an air-tight condition so you can make a big batch and save it for later or give it to a friend as a handmade edible gift! In this recipe, we create a special Karinto – Mocharintou; it has all the goodness of Karinrtou made even better with the addition of Mocha (Coffee & Chocolate).


  • Bread flour 150g
  • Dry yeast 1g
  • Sugar 6g
  • Salt 0.7g
  • Water 40ml (For step 2)
  • Instant coffee: 2.5 Tbsp
  • Cocoa powder: 1-2 Tbsp
  • Water 40-50ml (For step 3)
  • Shortening (Can be substituted with butter) 6g
  • Frying oil (as required) [A neutral oil such as canola, sunflower, or vegetable oil is preferrable]


  1. Take the bread flour in a bowl and create a small dent in the middle. Add the dry yeast and sugar into the dent and add the salt outside the dent.
  2. Add 40ml water to the bowl and mix everything quickly.
  3. Use a little bit of water to dissolve the instant coffee and the cocoa powder and add it to the mixture in the bowl. Add the remaining water a little by little, checking the hardness of the dough after every addition. Knead the dough until it becomes one large mass.
  4. Place the dough mass onto a clean flat surface and knead for 2 minutes. Add shortening and knead for five more minutes.
  5. Put the dough into a bowl, cover it using a clear film and then place in a warm (26-28 ℃) water bath for about 30 minutes to allow the dough to rise.
  6. Roll out the dough using a rolling pin and then cut it into pieces of 5mm thickness and 5cm length.
  7. Fry the pieces in hot oil (180℃) for 4-5 minutes and then allow to cool.
  8. Make a coating syrup by mixing 1.5Tbsp of instant coffee, 2Tbsp water, 75g Mizuame (a Japanese liquid sweetener, can be substituted with maple syrup or sugar syrup).
  9. Coat the fried Karintou strips using the coating syrup and leave them to dry.

As you can see, coffee is not limited to only making drink recipes but can be successfully incorporated into baking and creating delicious food recipes. Pair these recipes with a cup of your favorite premium coffee, and you are in for a quality coffee time in the comfort of your home!

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