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Introducing Japanese Knife Co.

I would like to announce something we have never done before and the biggest project we have ever done in our company's history.

We have been working on this since the middle of last year and are finally ready to share this with you today.

I am honestly nervous. But I hope and believe that it is something that benefits you and your lifestyle.

The drumroll, please…

It is…

Japanese Knife Co.



I am not kidding.


You know, we started as Japanese Green Tea Co. and won the Global Tea Champion 3 times, putting us on the map of the tea world by introducing the highest quality tea made with sugarcane soil.

Then in 2021, we introduced Japanese Coffee Co., the first company to introduce Japanese Sumiyaki charcoal-roasted coffee to the world.

Now we introduce Japanese Knife Co.

Since we are known for "the best of the best" from Japan, we were very particular in discovering the products and worked very hard to find the best knife craftsmanship to partner in Japan, and we did.

We carry two legendary knife makers with deep history rooted in the Samurai sword-making tradition, and we are proud to partner with Mr. Ueta and Sugimoto Knife.

Mr. Ueta's expertise in making swords has made him a living legend and earned him recognition from Japan's Prime Minister's Office, USA PBS, and multiple national TV shows.   

Sugimoto has 110 years of knife-making history and is respected and known as a company steeped in a rich history of blacksmithing and knife-making expertise.

All our knives are handmade with the mind to craft the best Knife in Japan and possibly the world. 

The team and I had so much fun learning about Japanese Knives.

The history of Knife has a very deep of histories, like tea, and roots back to the era of the Samurai and their swords.

We worked hard and created over 40 blog posts about Japanese knives.   We all worked very hard for this, it was so fun to learn about the Knife, and we feel we are all knife experts after doing it.

The New Blog is called "Japanese Knife Stories – Blog About the Magic of Japanese Knife & Craftsmanship."

Last year, none of us had zero knowledge about Japanese knives.

The good part about this is that we see the topic from the point of view of a beginner who does not know anything about the topic.   (and we did not!)

So we had fun bouncing ideas about what to talk about and trying to be as beginner-friendly as possible.

Since we dug up the topic from the beginner's eye, I hope it is easy for you to learn about this fabulous topic. 

The topic is profound, trust me; I think we only touched the surface about this, and I look forward to creating more blog posts and videos as we do with tea and coffee.

As you know, when I learn things, I like writing a book about it.  So I did and want to give it to you.

Ultimate Knife Guide book

If you are interested, please sign up for the brand-new Japanese Knife Club (Does the name sounds familiar?) to get your free copy:

Please be the first to join the Japanese Knife Club and try out what we are proud to offer.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Stories continue.

Please join me in being part of this new story with us.



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