Myth Busted? - Coffee Is Not Healthy Like Green Tea

Both tea and coffee have caffeine and antioxidants.  They help in weight loss and can make your mind calm yet, at the same time, attentive. Despite of these known health benefits from both drinks, many still believe that coffee is not healthy like tea. Curious if this is true or not? We will see if coffee is overall just healthy like tea or vice versa. Coffee and tea can provide health benefits when consumed in moderation; putting too much sugar or condiments will make the drinks less healthy.

Coffee is healthy like green tea?

Let's talk first about tea benefits so we can tell later if coffee is as healthy as tea or not

It is fun to drink a cup of tea when having an afternoon tea chat in a garden. This is the time to be calm, and no need for rushing decisions. No wonder tea does have its own ceremony, especially in Japan, because tea represents peace, harmony, enlightenment, and many more.

  • Less Caffeine but can still boost energy levels and help you be calm because tea is rich in L-Theanine.

L-Theanine on drinks is an amino acid that can be found on black tea and green tea. Some mushrooms have it. It helps you deal with stress and reduce anxiety; that's why you are not in a rush and can sit down and relax. L-Theanine in green tea helps insomniacs improve their sleep.

  • It helps to recover from stressful tasks because tea lowers cortisol, a stress hormone, making the drinkers feel more relaxed.

  • It can hydrate the body more than coffee because it is mostly pure water, and it can replenish your fluids lost from sweating.

  • Tea is for unwinding and relaxation. It is associated with meditation and concentration. It’s a special drink too when you are having an afternoon tea with your friends. Nice to pair with healthy and a bit sweet delicacy.

Reasons why coffee is also as healthy as tea, but is it totally true?

Any powder and ingredient can make tea and coffee taste better. However, it is still best to consume plain coffee and tea, or with healthier condiments to get the most out of the health benefits. Either of the two beverages can be consumed deliciously hot or cold; what is important is that both can benefit your body than drinking soda and consuming several shots of alcohol. Coffee is sometimes as healthy as tea.

Japanese Green Tea versus Japanese Coffee

  • Can process glucose (sugar), making the drinker have a lower chance of getting Diabetes.

  • It helps you burn fat/weight loss by stimulating the brain to transfer signals to the body to break down fat cells. Just remember that your overall diet is still the major factor when dealing with losing or gaining weight.

  • Lower risk of getting Parkinson's Disease, Dementia, and Alzheimer's Disease because coffee prevents plaques formation that causes brain-damaging illness.

  • Can fight depression – tea lowers stress levels since it is a drink for calming and meditation, while coffee boosts high energy because of the caffeine levels.

  • Improve memory and attention because of the caffeine in both drinks and catechins/EGCG found in tea, especially green tea. EGCG is the antioxidant responsible for making tea drinkers have a calm mood, sharper memory, and attention.

  • Can boost the immune system.

Drinking 2 cups of plain coffee (no sugar and milk added) every day can boost the immune system because of the antioxidants. Based on a study, A half teaspoon of cinnamon, especially Ceylon cinnamon, can add protection to your heart and brain.

coffee vs tea

Now, here are the reasons why coffee is healthier and better than tea

Be it in the workplace or a café, coffee makes our daily lives feel with energy, and we often hold a cup of coffee when we have conversations with our colleagues. Whether it's black coffee or a coffee with a bit of cream and sugar, the following are its benefits:

  • Coffee has more caffeine that can give you more energy boost and alertness.

Just a reminder: Don't consume too much caffeine. The amount of caffeine that is safe is 400mg per day, 240ml coffee has 95mg caffeine, and black tea has 47 mg. Consuming too much caffeine will make you lose sleep and might cause heart palpitations or dizziness.

  • Lowers risk of Type 2 Diabetes because of Cafestol, a coffee compound that increases insulin release resulting in reduced glucose.

  • Coffee is for both relaxation, especially at home or cafes, and for adrenaline at work so that you can charge and stay awake.

  • Improves physical and mental performance. Athletes and soldiers drink coffee as an energy supplement. Based on a study about cyclists and coffee, with naturally high caffeine levels, coffee is better than carbs and water in increasing cycling performance. When trained athletes and gym-goers are doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercise and bench press, they are more motivated and stronger, resulting in improved muscular endurance and training results. If a runner wants to take coffee to improve performance, It is advisable to take it an hour before the race.

  • Before and at the end of a workout, coffee increases heat, fat release, and metabolism leading to burning more fat effectively and safely.

  • Coffee and no other caffeine containing beverages might lower risk in getting liver diseases, including fatty liver disease and cirrhosis.

Is it true that coffee increases a drinker’s chance of having a heart disease?

According to a study funded by British Heart Foundation and conducted by researchers from Queen Mary University of London, each day of drinking a significant amount of coffee does not increase the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. They did not find any difference in the arterial stiffness on light (one cup a day, moderate (1-3 cups), and heavy (more than 3 cups) coffee drinkers.

Can I drink coffee when sick?

It is okay to drink coffee when you are sick, but only in the morning because drinking coffee in the afternoon might result in inefficient resting time. It would be best if you have a longer time to rest to recover. Also, make sure to drink lots of water so you won't be dehydrated.
According to the National Academy of Sciences in the US, tea boosts the body's defenses against bad bacteria, viruses, fungi infection because of L-Theanine.

So, is coffee not as healthy as tea? 

Based on the medical studies conducted by different doctors and scientists, coffee is still healthy as tea. Either of the two drinks can be a winner. If you want to sip all day or have an acid reflux, tea is a better option. If you want an energy boost and an alert mind, coffee is better for you. Just drink in moderation and avoid mixing too many sweets and oils on your drink.  If you are like me, you can have both! : )

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