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Anticipation Builds: Sapporo Coffee Kan Gears Up for SCAJ (Specialty Coffee Association of Japan) Conference 2023

Confession time: I'm a bit of a gathering enthusiast.

You know, those moments when people gather to celebrate life - the beats of a music festival, the sandy shenanigans of beach parties, the whirlwind of carnivals, or the delightful chaos of backyard barbecues.

I've been hopping from one gathering to another this summer, soaking in the sun and the good vibes. But guess what? Amidst all this excitement, one event has got me bouncing like a five-year-old on a trampoline: the upcoming SCAJ conference. Yep, you heard it right: a conference sparking more excitement in me than a sale on my favorite coffee beans.

Anticipation Builds: Sapporo Coffee Kan Gears Up for SCAJ (Specialty Coffee Association of Japan) Conference 2023

The SCAJ (The Specialty Coffee Association of Japan) conference is something I look forward to every year. However, this year, there's a twist: Meet the maestros behind the magic, none other than Sapporo Coffee Kan. Did I mention they're the genius roasters behind the Sumiyaki (Japanese charcoal-roasted) coffee beans we swear by? But wait, there's more! They're not just bringing their barista and roasting A-game – their exclusive coffee farms are making an appearance, too, at the SCJA Coffee Conference 2023.

So, prepare your taste buds for a thrill ride, and let's all raise our mugs in anticipation of what Sapporo Coffee Kan’s participation in the SCAJ conference will bring about. But before that, if you need a little more in-depth introduction to Sapporo Coffee Kan, SCAJ, or would like to try Sapporo Coffee Kan’s best-selling products, you can easily find them below:

Who is Sapporo Coffee Kan?


Try Sapporo Coffee Kan’s Best-selling products


What is SCAJ (Specialty Coffee Association of Japan)?

What is SCAJ Conference?

SCAJ conference is the official annual event organized by Japanese Specialty Coffee Association. (Hop onto this page to know more about various Japanese coffee associations!)

They were founded in 2003 with the motto:

"raising awareness of and popularizing specialty coffee in Japan."

Every year, the SCAJ holds a coffee conference, which is the biggest coffee-focused trade show in Asia. SCAJ annual conference is a BtoB exposition that focuses on the realm of coffee, taking place annually since 2005 through the efforts of the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan, now marking its 18th consecutive year. Moreover, this year's edition holds special significance as it celebrates the 20th founding anniversary of the association.

The SCAJ annual conference serves as a platform for coffee enthusiasts, industry professionals, roasters and micro-roasters, and innovators to come together, exchange ideas, and explore the latest trends and developments in the realm of coffee.

In addition, there are workshops, presentations, engaging discussions, and several different kinds of championships.

The conference delves into various aspects of coffee cultivation, roasting techniques, brewing methods, and sustainable practices. It's not just a symposium—it's a spirited rendezvous where the love for coffee takes center stage, fostering a community united by their passion for exceptional coffee experiences.

SCAJ Conference 2023, an Overview:

SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference 2023: Brew-mania Unleashed!

Event Name SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition 2023
Theme “Celebrating 20 years of SCAJ with you!”
Date/Time Sept 27 (Wed) – Sept 29 (Fri), 2023 10 AM – 5 PM (last day till 4 PM)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 3 & 4, Ariake, Tokyo
Organized by Specialty Coffee Association of Japan 8-5-26, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Admission Online: JPY 1,500 | At Venue: JPY 2,500 (tax incl.) Complimentary with an exclusive invitation!
Exhibitors 250 Companies, 380 Booths Expected Expanding from 2022: 235 companies/375 booths
Visitors Join 45,000 Avid Sippers from Across the Globe! 2022: 44,052 coffee enthusiasts!
Countries/regions Coffee Connections: 40 Countries Represented! Exhibitors from 25 Regions! 2022: 36 countries/regions

Dive into the SCAJ conference time machine!

Watch this speedy recap of 2022 for a taste of what's cooking for 2023.

Who are the exhibitors, and what are they showcasing at the SCAJ conference?

Let's look at who you might expect to bump into and the type of products you might see while attending the SCAJ conference.


  • Coffee producer/exporter
  • Coffee importer/wholesaler
  • Roaster (wholesaler)
  • Micro-roaster
  • Café
  • Coffee-related industry (manufacturer, retailer, importer, etc.)
  • Food service industry (restaurant, hotel, etc.)
  • Distributor (department store, supermarket, etc.)
  • Business entrepreneurs
  • Coffee fans and general consumers etc.

Exhibitor’s product types

  • Coffee beans (green & roasted)

Take a look at the raw coffee beans from the Brazil Cerrado area that were exhibited last year.


Looking for Single Origin Brazil Cerrado beans? (Known for low-acidity, buttery-smooth mouthfeel, medium body, and sweet chocolaty finish.)

  • Coffee beverages
  • Roasting machines
  • Espresso machines
  • Brewing machines
  • Grinder and related machines
  • Brewing equipment
  • Kettle
  • Scale and related accessories
  • Water purifiers
  • Cooking equipment
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Containers and packages
  • Flavored syrups
Ogawa Coffee Co. Ltd.’s booth in SCAJ 2022, displaying various Giffard Flavor syrups
  • Confectionaries
  • Chocolates
  • Ice-creams and other foods
  • Milk
  • Plant milk
  • Tea
  • Green tea
  • Juice
  • Smoothies and other beverages
  • Café Décor
  • E-commerce, related services
  • Publishing

Why is Sapporo Coffee Kan attending the SCAJ conference:

Discovering Why the SCAJ Conference Holds Special Appeal for Coffee Companies like Sapporo Coffee Kan

1. Brand PR

Being the biggest B2B coffee-specialized event in Asia for 18 consecutive years, SCAJ promises great exposure and brand visibility for any coffee company. Just take a look at the number of interested parties attending the event.

  • 250 Exhibitors: A total of 250 companies, both domestic and international, will participate in the exhibition.
  • 380 Booths: An exhibition space spanning 11,520 square meters and comprising 380 booth units.
  • 45K Visitors: Over the course of three days, the exhibition was attended by a total of 45,000 individuals. (2022)

Participating in such an event offers the company an opportunity to be "Seen." It provides the company's representatives a golden chance to engage in face-to-face conversations with both their current and potential customers, thus presenting a priceless opportunity to cultivate a dedicated and loyal customer community.

Moreover, the event also offers dedicated business meeting areas where companies can conduct discussions with potential partners and potentially finalize agreements on the spot!

2. Extensive Coverage by both National and International Media

One of the big highlights of the SCAJ annual conference is the world-renowned coffee championships that it holds. It brings in coffee celebrities from all across Japan and the world, attracting media to cover the event. Here are the famous coffee championships organized by SCAJ.

  • Japan Barista Championship (JBC): Think of this as the ultimate coffee face-off, where baristas showcase their artistic prowess and innovative coffee creations.
  • Japan Hand Drip Championship (JHDC): Ever wondered about the magic behind hand-crafted coffee? Get ready to be amazed as coffee artisans pour their hearts and soul into every single cup.
  • Japan Siphonist Championship (JSC): Science meets art in this mesmerizing siphon brewing competition. It's a captivating display of skill and flair that'll leave you in awe.

Footage from last year’s Japan Siphonist Championship

  • World Siphonist Championship (WSC): Elevating the siphon game on a global scale, this championship brings together top talents worldwide to compete in a sizzling showdown.
  • Japan Cup Tasters Championship (JCTC): Imagine tasting coffee like a pro. At this event, seasoned experts savor every nuanced note, making it a sensory delight beyond compare
  • Roast Masters Team Challenge (RMTC): It's a roasting extravaganza! Master roasters collaborate to concoct flavors that promise a taste bud tango like never before.

3. Inspiration and Education

I think one of the biggest challenges for Japanese artisan businesses, such as Sapporo Coffee Kan, is to be ready to evolve and adapt to the changes in time while still upholding the traditions of Japanese culture. It’s a tricky dance between old and new. I think Sapporo Coffee Kan is an excellent example of a Japanese artisan coffee company that has mastered this dance.

One way it has succeeded is by being open to new ideas from all over the world. The second CEO of Sapporo Coffee Kan has traveled worldwide in search of top-quality coffee beans. In addition, Sapporo Coffee Kan has also been a trendsetter. They made decaf coffee (that's coffee without the super-up-all-night ingredient) cool, way before others caught on. They turned regular coffee into something extra special in Sapporo.

One thing Sapporo Coffee Kan gains from attending SCAJ is the opportunity to see and learn what is happening in the coffee scene. They get to interact with customers, competitors, and other businesses in this industry. They also get to ask coffee enthusiasts what they like, what they don't like, and what they want to see more of in the future.

Empowering the Underdogs: Coffee Village at SCAJ conference Unites Micro-Roasters, Cafes, and Enthusiasts

Thriving as a small-scale coffee business owner in a highly competitive market is tough. The big coffee names usually dominate the market, making it even harder. But fear not because there's a ray of hope for boutique roasters, home coffee aficionados, and micro-sized coffee enterprises. Enter the "Coffee Village," a special haven crafted by SCAJ. Here, the stage is set for these smaller players to grab more opportunities and shine.

In the previous year (2022), a whopping 58 companies joined the “Coffee Village” – the most ever. People really liked how cafes and roasters connected and how it got coffee fans excited through P.R.

This time around, the Coffee Village has gotten bigger and better. They have moved to the new South Hall 3, which gives them more room. The event will run for all three days of the conference. They have also taken into consideration that not everyone can set up a booth because it can cost a lot, so they have made a low-budget plan to accommodate booths for smaller businesses.

Also, the South Hall dedicated to Coffee Village will have a stage for events, a resting area, a product-selling area, and a cupping area for coffee tasting.

Items that will be exhibited at the Coffee Village section of the SCAJ conference:

  • Varieties of Coffee Beans
  • Aromatic Coffee Blends and Espresso Delights
  • Delectable Food that complements coffee
  • Essential Coffee Gear and Associated Items
  • Services and Media in the World of Coffee 

The Countdown begins! – Concluding thoughts on SCAJ Conference 2023

So, mark your calendars, set your coffee alarms, and get ready to embark on a journey that promises to awaken your coffee spirit like never before. The SCAJ Conference 2023, featuring the sensational presence of Sapporo Coffee Kan, is a chance to immerse yourself in the world of specialty coffee like a true connoisseur.

It's not just a regular conference – it's a lively celebration of everything coffee, bringing together the appeal of Sumiyaki coffee beans and the energy of a bustling coffee community.

There's coffee to sip, new things to learn, and connections to make. So, as we eagerly wait for the event to start, let's come together in excitement, ready to fully enjoy the amazing world of coffee.

P.S. At Japanese Coffee Co., we're not just bloggers; we're readers too! Connect with us in the comments or on social media – we're excited to read anything you write to us!

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