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Top 10 JIMOTO Frappuccino you should try (expired)

Jimoto Frappuccino mentioned in this article is no longer served in Starbucks Japan as of Aug 3 2021.

In our last article about the Starbucks Japan regional landmark stores, we saw that Starbucks is about serving great coffee and building a great community. The unique regional landmark stores in Japan, found at 28 different locations, successfully does so by incorporating regional history, culture, and heritage in the architecture and interior designing of the stores. This effort of creating a unique 'Third Place' where people come together and share a strong community spirit by connecting with each other and with their local heritage and culture is going to be taken to the next level this summer through another fascinating campaign – ‘Jimoto Frappuccino’.


Since its arrival in Japan in 1996, Starbucks has 1,637 stores spread across all 47 prefectures in Japan. In summer 2021, Starbucks Japan is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate this special occasion than to release 47 regional exclusive ‘Jimoto (local) Frappuccino’, right? These Frappuccino drinks have been created with unique flavors, appearance, and ingredients that uphold the specialties of that particular region or prefecture and will be served only at stores within that prefecture. At Starbucks, every staff is regarded as 'partners,' and their opinions and ideas are highly valued, as they act as a vital part of the community that Starbucks aims to build. This admirable business ethics of Starbucks has been an essential aspect in making the 'Jimoto Frappuccino.' Each of the drinks was developed and perfected by taking in the ideas and opinions of the local 'partners' on the ingredients, taste, flavor, sweetness level, amount of toppings, etc. As a result, each of these drinks is a delicious Starbucks Frappuccino and a representation of the unique identity that the people of the respective prefecture feel proud of and act as a medium to bring people together.


You can visit here the official page for the ‘Jimoto Frappuccino," and these drinks were available from 30th June to 3rd August of 2021 at their respective Starbucks stores in Japan. While each of these drinks is equally exciting, we will be taking an in-depth look at ten of the drinks that stands out the most.

1. Hokkaido Tokibi Creamy Frappuccino 


Hokkaido, the northernmost region in Japan, is renowned for its abundant nature and top-quality agricultural products. Two of the most famous Hokkaido specialties featured as ingredients in this Frappuccino are fresh milk and corn. Rich cream made from Hokkaido milk has been mixed with white chocolate syrup and then topped with crispy corn flakes. The white frappe base with the golden-yellow corn flakes creates a gorgeous appearance reminiscent of the sunlight sparkling on Hokkaido's snowy landscapes.

2. Tokyo Origin Coffee Jelly Caramel Frappuccino


When Tokyo Starbucks store staff were brainstorming to develop their original Jimoto Frappuccino, they realized that the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo, which opened in 2019, had a powerful positive impression among the Starbucks customers in Tokyo. This store is a four-storied building in Tokyo where the customers can experience the whole roasting process within the store, and the signature roast created in this store is the 'Starbucks Tokyo Roast.' As this unique store and the 'Tokyo Roast' is a powerful medium through which the customers of Tokyo and the 'partners' (the store staffs) connect deeply, Tokyo's Frappuccino base has been made with the coffee extracted from this special roast and fresh cream.

Furthermore, beautiful and luxurious coffee jelly made using the bold Starbucks espresso roast has been combined with this Frappuccino base and then finished to perfection with a rich caramel sauce on the whipped cream topping.

3. Kyoto Hannari Matcha And Kinako Frappuccino


Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, is known as the cultural and historical center of Japan. Kyoto is also the place where the tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony using Matcha tea originated. To uphold the rich heritage of Kyoto, this Frappuccino uses Matcha, the strong Japanese green tea powder, and 'Kinako' roasted Japanese soybean powder, an ingredient that is commonly used in Japanese cuisine and the making of traditional Japanese sweets for celebratory occasions.

The bitter flavors and grassy notes of Matcha tea are perfectly balanced by using a creamy white chocolate sauce. Kinako flavors and powder to the base and the whipped cream topping make the drink even more delicious Kinako’s sweet and nutty flavors. The overall flavors and taste of the Frappuccino have been optimized to make the drink 'Hannari' – a Kyoto term that means 'classy, sophisticated, and elegant.

4. Osaka Matcha Kudamon Cream Frappuccino


‘Metcha’ is an iconic word from Osaka dialect meaning ‘very’ or ‘really’ and emphasizes the word following it and captures Osaka's exuberant and lively spirit perfectly. 'Matcha Kudamon' means 'very fruity', and the idea of the Frappuccino was based on 'Mixed Juice.' This drink originated in Osaka during the pre-war era and is still served at Kissaten, juice stands, and cafes in Osaka.

The Frappuccino is a fruit extravaganza made with a juice base containing bananas, peaches, apples, and oranges. Tropical fruit flavors such as mango and passion fruit have been added to make it extra special and summery, and it has been perfected to a creamy finish by adding whipped cream on top. On the whipped cream topping, mango sauce and chocolate sauce are drizzled, reminiscent of 'Choco Banana,' another nostalgia-evoking summer festival street food in Japan.

From old times, Osaka has been known as a merchant's city bustling with trade and business. One of the inspiring aspects of the spirit of Osaka's merchants is 'Shimatsu no Seishin,' which means 'the spirit of economizing,' and this is to use everything most economically without wasting anything, no matter how small it is. This Frappuccino is a perfect representation of this concept, as the 'Mixed Juice' was born from the idea of not wasting overly ripe fruits that were too ripe to be sold at the market but were still perfectly good for consumption.

5. Okinawa Kari Chinsuko Vanilla Caramel Frappuccino


Okinawa, the island district in Japan's southern region, is considered its tropical paradise. The word 'Kari' in Okinawan dialect is used to express joy, happiness, and excitement. Representing this happiness, warmth, and vibrant spirit of Okinawa is this Jimoto Frappuccino that features a traditional Okinawan cookie called ‘Chinsuko.' Shinsuke has been a popular snack in Okinawa since the time it was ruled by the Ryukyu dynasty (1429-1879). It is a cookie similar to shortbread with a slightly salty and sweet taste.

The base of the Frappuccino has been made with mellow vanilla flavored milk, into which one whole 'Chinsuko cookie,' caramel sauce, and ices are blended. The drink is topped with a generous amount of whipped cream and crushed Chinsuko biscuits, giving it a fun texture, sweet and salty taste, and the feeling of having a dessert as a drink.

6. Hiroshima Setouchi Lemon & Citrus Jake Frappuccino


One of the most common phrases used in the Hiroshima dialect is 'Jakee,' which means 'because.' This word has been incorporated into the name of this Frappuccino that captures Hiroshima's positive and enduring spirit is 'Love & Peace.' In the name of the drink and the appearance of the Frappuccino, this concept is reflected. The brilliant red color of the Frappuccino created by the 'passion tea' made from hibiscus flower extract represents the passionate energy of the people of Hiroshima to uphold global peace and love. A refreshing citrus flavor derived from 'Setouchi Lemon,' a remarkable sweeter variety of lemon, is also added. This lemon is the agricultural produce of Hiroshima. This citrusy and floral base has been perfectly balanced with honey and whipped cream, resulting in a refreshing drink, calming, and brings peace to the body and soul.

7. Yamanashi Tete!! Grape & White Chocolate Cream Frappuccino


Yamanashi, a prefecture lying southwest of Tokyo, is famous for its natural resources, including the famous Mt.Fuji and its five lakes. Yamanashi's abundant greenery, dense forests, and mountainous region make it the perfect place for growing high-quality fruits, one of the reasons why it is called 'The Kingdom of Fruits.' Grapes are one of the fruits that have been produced in Yamanashi for more than 1300 years, and the grape varieties from this region are known for their rich sweetness, juiciness and are even used for making great wines. Featuring this grape and the joyful and energetic expression 'Tete!’ from the Yamanashi dialect, this Jimoto Frappuccino has been created by the ideas gathered by the Yamanashi Starbucks partners.

The Frappuccino base has been made by combining creamy white chocolate with the juicy, fruity, and sweet grape syrup in beautiful white and violet marbled swirls. The whipped cream topping has the same grape sauce drizzled on generously so you can enjoy the rich flavor and taste of grapes to the fullest and celebrate the history, natural abundance, and energetic spirit of Yamanashi through this Frappuccino.

8. Akita Amajoppe Salted Caramel Frappuccino


In the Akita dialect, 'Amajoppe' means sweet and salty. The highlight of this Frappuccino is a combination of the umami taste of salt and the sweetness of caramel. Akita prefecture is located in the northern region of Japan's main island and houses a part of the famous Oga Peninsula at its coast. The mineral sea salt from Oga Peninsula is renowned for having a high sodium content and minimal impurities. This specialty 'Akita salt' is highlighted in this Frappuccino by adding the perfect amount of salt to both the Frappuccino base and the whipped cream topping to create a delicious sweet-and-salty Frappuccino drink. The saltiness is balanced by using a milk base containing 'double caramel sauce,' which is a mixture of caramel sauce and syrup. The theme celebrated through this special Frappuccino is ‘Our Akita prefecture is truly awesome. Akita is our pride and treasure’.

9. Aomori Jawameku Apple & Strawberry Frappuccino


Aomori, the northernmost prefecture of Japan’s main island Honshu, is famous for its abundant nature full of green mountains and forests and being the largest producer of apples in Japan. In the Tsugaru dialect native to Aomori prefecture, ‘Jawameku' is a term used to describe a feeling of liveliness, vibrancy, and intense excitement that is close to having goosebumps. Therefore, the theme represented by this Jimoto Frappuccino is ‘A moment of Jawameku (excitement) from the lively Aomori’. Hence, starting from the appearance to the taste and flavor, this Frappuccino is the most exciting Starbucks Frappuccino you could think of.

The base of the Frappuccino has been created by blending fresh milk and apple syrup to replicate the scenery of the snowy landscapes of Aomori. The bright red strawberry syrup has been swirled into this base to create a vibrant appearance to represent the feeling of 'Jawameku’ that Aomori locals feel while anticipating the coming of Spring and summer during the cold winter months. The fun and dynamic appearance of the Frappuccino also reminds us of the Summer Nebuta Festival of Aomori, one of the three largest festivals in the Northeast region of Japan. 

10. Shiga Biwa Blue Citrus Cream Frappuccino


Lake Biwa of Shiga prefecture is the largest freshwater lake in Japan, and its mesmerizing natural beauty has been captured perfectly in this colorful and artistic Frappuccino. This ancient lake is not just one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan, but is also more than 4 million years old and has a deep connection to the history, literature, art, and daily life of the people living in this region. That is why the Lake Biwa and the feeling of 'sincerity' and 'thoughtfulness' towards the customers of this region are the main themes behind this Frappuccino.

The base of the Frappuccino is made by mixing white chocolate and a refreshing tea syrup made from Butterfly pea extract. The brilliant blue color of the butterfly pea tea and the white color of the base create a beautiful marbling effect that is reminiscent of the natural beauty of Lake Biwa. In the middle of the Frappuccino, yellow-orange colored citrus pulp has been added to represent the gorgeous sunset of Lake Biwa. At the top, whipped cream with green Matcha tea powder sprinkled over it reminds one of the green mountains of Shiga prefecture. From top to bottom, this Frappuccino is a work of art that evokes a strong attachment to the nature of Shiga prefecture and Lake Biwa.

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