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Japanese Coffee Co. is now a Hario Reseller Partner

Japanese Green Tea Co. and Hario

We have been featuring Hario products on our blog many times, and now we are proud to be officially Hario’s Reseller Partner.

Hario Certified Partner


Through Japanese Green Tea Co., we have been using Hario’s tea tumblers to serve cold-brew tea at various events from the early days.

We featured this tumbler on our blog post here.

This post has been one of the most popular posts on our blog.  

Now with Japanese Coffee Co., it is more relevant to feature more of their products, and here are all these blog posts about Hario products we posted:



Now we are approved to be their official Reseller Partner!

Hario is one of the Japanese companies that I personally love and respect, so I am so happy to be their partner.

To begin with, we featured the following two iconic products on our site now that you can purchase them directly on our site. (the USA Only at this point)

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