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Married Beans, Vietnam VS Sapporo Coffee Kan, Japan

The majority of individuals start their day with only a cup of coffee. People are unable to survive without it. It boosts their energy levels and keeps them alert throughout the day. It's also beneficial to drink it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is quite nice to drink a cup of it whether we are at home or at work. Japanese Coffee Company aspires to offer the outstanding Japanese Sumiyaki Coffee from Sapporo Coffee Kan with my coffee lovers all over the world. Sapporo Coffee Kan quickly rose to the top of a public radio program's ranking of "5 greatest cafes with a consistent flow of consumers.”

Married Beans, Vietnam VS Sapporo Coffee Kan, Japan

Besides that, I have been a fan of Vietnams coffee for a long time. It is not easily found, but , Vietnamese coffee actually has had a significant place on the global market.

The Married Beans is one of my personal favorite, and wanted to cover this coffee company in detail and compare them with our Sapporo Coffee Kan. From what I know this company is always learning and refining their knowledge and processes, with the belief and attitude that "we may not have made the best product, but every day we will do better.". I’m pretty sure these two companies have their owns strengths and interesting stories. Let’s find it out!

What are the origins of two businesses?

The Married Beans

When Westerners need to stay awake and concentrate on their tasks, they drink coffee. Nevertheless, coffee can be consumed at any time of day in Vietnam. Going to a coffee shop to sip coffee is no longer the exclusive meaning of the verb "go-to coffee" among Vietnamese people. Going to coffee might also signify meeting up with friends, going to work, and so forth. Many new coffee business concepts, such as book coffee, workplace coffee, pet coffee, and so on, have emerged to satisfy the Vietnamese people's new coffee culture. The married beans bring a new concept with delivering the letter of love and aspirasion to bring Vietnamese coffee to access worldwide.

The desire to elevate Vietnamese coffee to new levels.

The Married Beans began as a volunteer team in a project to encourage sustainable development for coffee producers in Lam Dong in 2009. After more than 6 years, they decided to form The Married Beans to assist Lam Dong farmers in growing and producing high-quality Arabica coffee, thanks to their love for coffee trees and the cohesiveness of individuals with the same passion and duty. Until now, The Married Beans has been more than just a coffee manufacturing firm; it has also been a venue for individuals who are passionate about coffee to learn and experience it. A location where people can come to enjoy and learn about coffee through control shops, farm visits, and training programs in order to get the most genuine coffee experience possible.

picking coffee fruit

The Married Beans is constantly looking for a better way to handle the transition of coffee production operations from varietals and farming practices. They are now working with around 60 growers to develop 150 hectares of "Specialty - High Quality" coffee. Then, as a result of the spillover effect, coffee-growing areas across the country will benefit.

Sapporo Coffee Kan

Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost region. Hokkaido is rich in natural resources, including lakes, mountains, forests, and valleys, as well as some of the world's finest ecosystems. Because of its natural richness and fertile soil, Hokkaido is well-known for producing high-quality agricultural and marine products. They started their first café in Sapporo's westward district in 1986, where they brewed Sumiyaki charcoal roasted coffee using the Nel drip manual pour-over technique. It quickly proved popular among both locals and visitors, and Sapporo Coffee Kan has now spread to 10 different coffee shops around Japan. So, even if you reside outside of Japan, you can now get Sapporo Coffee Kan's high-grade coffee delivered to your home.

Sapporo Coffee Kan now has 10 locations in Japan, including one in Tokyo. People go long distances to sample their hand-brewed specialty coffee at their charming coffee shops and to purchase the Sumiyaki charcoal coffee beans. It also exports coffee beans all over the world via Japanese Coffee Co.

What are the visions and missions of the two companies?

The Married Beans


  •  "We may not have developed the best product yet, but we are becoming better every day," says the operational philosophy. This proverb is constantly with those of us who are enthusiastic about coffee. The Married Beans strive to provide consumers with clean, high-quality coffee even though they may not be one of the greatest expensive brands.
  • The goal is to connect with farmers that produce high-quality coffee beans. The Married Beans is always eager to accompany and help farmers in the Cau Dat, Da jak, and Langbiang districts in their efforts to produce specialty coffee beans with all of their passion, excitement, and love for coffee.

roasting coffee beans


  • Lam Dong coffee producers should always be accompanied and supported.
  • Improve coffee product quality and encourage sustainable production.
  • Creating an ecosystem for the coffee business by connecting sustainable growers
  • Increasing the visibility of the Vietnamese coffee brand

Sapporo Coffee Kan

Sapporo Coffee Kan was founded on the principle of serving specialty coffee of truly great quality to as many people as possible. Eiichi Ito, the company's founders, has always highlighted the significance of preserving the natural properties of coffee beans. Even today, the firm is deeply devoted to this basic concept and works hard to maintain even the most subtle characteristics of the precious coffee beans alive in the final cup of coffee. This is also the reason why instead of importing beans from large coffee plantations, Sapporo Coffee Kan enters into exclusive farm contracts with coffee-growing families and villages. The coffee is then CSR (Charcoal Straight Technique) roasted and manually brewed using the Nel drip method.

Keeping coffee's natural properties alive: The search for the world's most excellent single-origin beans from many places is at the core of the Sapporo coffee brand. These coffee beans are imported to Japan then roasted and brewed in such a way that they retain their natural taste, flavor, and scent.

Maintaining a great Japanese artisan industry: When coffee beans from Brazil, Bali, and Indonesia arrive in Japan, they are transformed into exquisite roasts by the hands of expert roasters who roast the coffee beans using a traditional Japanese process. This is what distinguishes Sapporo Coffee Kan as a unique find in the specialty coffee industry. The beans are roasted using top-quality binchotan charcoal utilizing the charcoal roasting process.

What makes two companies unique with the ambience and concepts?

Sapporo Coffee Kan

Sapporo Coffee Kan has a number of locations, most of which are in Hokkaido and one in Tokyo. Their cafés reflect Japanese hospitality and café culture, which is characterized by a degree of attention to detail that is uncommon to find anywhere in the globe. "I wouldn't have imagined finding a coffee experience of this level in a place like this!" is at the core of how they chose their café locations and construct the businesses. This means you may discover their stores in the midst of a bustling city center or just around the corner on a quiet street, hiding away from the crowds. Another amazing feature of Sapporo Coffee Kan cafés is that they are frequently constructed from rehabilitated historical structures. The main branch, for example, is housed in a Showa-era salon that had housed the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute. Another outlet makes use of a stone structure that was once a fruit sorting facility and was built in 1945.

black japanese coffee

The café is designed so that moment you enter, you may take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, lie back in a comfortable seat, and completely rest while the masters meticulously make your coffee utilizing Nel drip. The long-brewing period allows you to thoroughly experience everything about the establishment – the fragrance of roasting coffee beans, the luxurious lighting, the warm smiles of the staff, the beautiful music playing at exactly the perfect volume – since it is a no-rush coffee shop. The fact that the coffee is served in a pot indicates that this is a location where you may relax and enjoy your coffee calmly, rather than in a hurry.

Warm lighting, large counter tables, dark wooden furniture, and a modern-retro aesthetic characterize the café's décor. You'll be stunned to discover that they have distinct serving cups, lighting, and music for daytime and nighttime to ensure that the ambiance is tailored to the moods of the guests at different times of the day.

The Married Beans

The Married Beans has four primary shops. Each business has its own concept, but they all have the aim to deliver customers the message of love, truth and faith.

vietnam coffee beans

The Married Beans Showroom

The cafe is modest, yet it is quite comfortable. The majority of the shop's products are made of wood, and the primary color is light brown. Customers can readily see the performance of bartenders because he or she is presented outside. You may also sit at the counter and have a great conversation with the barista while you wait for a nice cup of coffee.

The Married Beans Workspace

Workspace, unlike Showroom, is a mix of cultural and event venues located at 44 Hung Vuong in Da Lat's Ward 9. The Married Beans Workspace is set on the grounds of the old Merionet villa, which is created in a harmonious and eye-catching manner using local style blended with existing architectural languages. Coming here will allow you to not only enjoy wonderful coffee and the harmony between nature and architecture, but also to participate in classes on a multitude of topics related to coffee, art, and architecture.

Coco Da Lat

Coco will provide you with a peaceful and clean restroom with a dorm bed system with curtains and an individual storage box with a security lock. Coco Cafe is a great place to meet Arabica coffee lovers. With many years of expertise processing coffee beans into a range of beverages with memorable tastes, you will prepare the best and highest quality coffee beans. Coco offers a choice of refreshing and healthful vegetable and fruit beverages in addition to specialty coffee drinks.


The Married Beans and Sapporo Coffee Kan both have their own unique and interesting features that any client will have reasons to remember. What matters more is the value that both firms strive to achieve, which is to provide clients with not only amazing coffee flavors but also unforgettable experiences. Each customer who visits The Married Beans or Sapporo Coffee Kan will always have a story to share, whether it is about the location, the taste, the service, or the atmosphere that these companies strive to bring to the customers.

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